Info for Educators

Here are some valuable resources for educators:


·        Work Experience: A Model of Implementation for Special Needs Students: This resource, developed on behalf of the Manitoba Supported Employment Network by Denise Klassen, Barry Wood, and Krista Bissett, serves as a valuable resource for educators looking at how to best support students’ preparation for the world of work. [Click here work-experience-a-model-of-implementation-for-special-needs-students]


·        Bridging to Adulthood: A Protocol for Transitioning Students with Exceptional Needs from School to Community: this is a great resource for educators, students, families, and anyone else involved with the supporting of students in the transition from school to work life:


·        The Stories of Lou Brown: The stories of Lou Brown (Professor Emeritus, University of Wisconsin) will entertain, challenge, and provoke thought (.DOC):