What is DEAM?

Disability Employment Awareness Month (DEAM) is an annual campaign that
takes place each October to highlight the contributions and inclusion of
people with disabilities in the workplace. DEAM provides the opportunity for
employers, people with disabilities, and service providers to come together
to promote removing barriers to employment and creating a more inclusive economy.

Why is DEAM important?

It makes business sense to hire based on inclusive principles,  however those with disabilities still face many barriers to meaningful employment.  We take part, and organize, a wide variety of initiatives that take place during the month of October.  See below for ways you can join us.


Disability Employment Awareness Month (DEAM) takes place every October to acknowledge and promote the contributions and inclusion of people with disabilities in the workplace. Throughout the full month of October, events and activities occur across Canada. As persons with disabilities face barriers to employment, DEAM provides an opportunity for us to come together, as a community and nation, to create awareness and take action around removing barriers.

A highlight in our province has been our organized #MLA2workday, where local MLA’s have come to show their support of those working with disabilities. We appreciate all the support of our MLA’s and their belief in this cause! We are looking forward to many more #MLA2workday’s going forward.

Photograph of MLA 2 Work Day

Dr. Jon Gerrard with Chris Enns #MLA2workday at Pizzeria Gusto - organized by SCE Lifeworks. Also pictured: Oly Backstrom and Rich Hanna.


MentorAbility Canada is a nationally supported employment initiative that facilitates unique, short-term mentoring opportunities between employers and people experiencing a disability. By providing and celebrating successful mentoring experiences in communities across Canada, this initiative is part of a national effort to promote the employment of Canadians experiencing disability.

MentorAbility Canada is coordinated by the Canadian Association for Supported Employment in collaboration with select employment service providers, called provincial hubs, that are located across the country. Together we provide information, knowledge, and tools to facilitate beneficial mentoring opportunities for employers, mentors and jobseekers.  For more information visit their website here.

Light It Up

Light It Up promotes and celebrates disability-inclusive workplaces. Big cities, small towns and rural communities are lit purple and blue to ignite conversations about the importance of disability-inclusive recruiting and hiring.

How can I get involved?

  • Support an inclusive employer
  • Display the DEAM logo on your products and workplace for the full month of October.
  • Facebook frames and cover photos
  • Start a conversation about it on social media, in-person and at your workplace.