Have you ever thought about hiring someone with a disability? There are compelling reasons why diversifying your workforce in such a way makes good business sense:


  • Manitobans with Disabilities collectively make up a large, under-utilized resource in Manitoba’s tight labour market.
  • Over 14%, or approximately 170,000 working-age Manitobans live with a disability. That is an immense amount of talent to tap in to!


  • Manitobans with Disabilities are able to work. Many industry reports have compared the performance, attendance and safety of workers with disabilities with the general workforce; workers with disabilities perform, on average, as well (and sometimes better) than their coworkers.
  • Studies have shown that, on average, employees with disabilities are inclined to stay in their jobs longer than the general workforce. That means reduced turnover costs for the employer (please keep in mind Manitobans with disabilities, as individuals, are as diverse as the general population when it comes to attitudes and abilities).


  • Help is easy to get, often at no cost. MSEN member organizations provide direct training support for the job seekers they support at no cost to the employer.
  • MSEN organizations will also provide follow-up support for both the employee and employer.
  • Are you looking to fill a position? MSEN member organizations are also a valuable HR resource—we just might have the perfect person to fill your position. And if you contact one of us, and we don’t happen to work with a person we think would be a good match for a job, we will “cast the net out” with our colleagues in other organizations to see if we can be of assistance to you. Please see our member page for organizational contact information.


  • There are over 170,000 consumers in Manitoba who happen to have a disability; they will hold an employer with a diverse workforce in high regard.  So will their friends and family. That adds up to a lot of potential customers!
  • General consumer attitudes are more favourable for businesses that hire people with disabilities. A recent U.S. study indicated that 87% of consumers surveyed would prefer to give their business to companies that hire individuals with disabilities versus those that don’t.
  • Commitment to a diverse workforce that includes employees with disabilities has a positive impact on work culture.


  • One last thought: you as an employer are committed to fostering a diverse workforce.  Sometimes, however, businesses/organizations are missing a piece in their “diversity mosaic”. Perhaps a MSEN member can help you with that missing piece.


MSEN is committed to providing resources and information to it’s employers that will help everyone in the province provide the best possible programs for the people they work with.  Along with the opportunity to network with other service providers MSEN also offers affordable training programs for service providers on a regular basis. Check the current events section to see if there are any current opportunities.


Helping employers create more inclusive workplaces

This Canada-wide awareness campaign aims to increase employer awareness about how people with disabilities are a talented part of the workforce, and provides resources to help employers tap into this talent pool during their search for skilled workers.

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Creating inclusive workplaces for all

The Canadian Association for Supported Employment provides support & resources for, employers, community allies, and stakeholders working toward employment inclusion of people experiencing disability.

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Next Steps

Don't hesitate to reach out to your local supported employment branch. We have locations across Manitoba that are committed to supporting you.