About MSEN

Who We Are

The Manitoba Supported Employment Network (MSEN) was founded in 1992. MSEN is a collective of organizations and professionals working together to build a Manitoba that welcomes and values the full inclusion of people with disabilities into the workforce.

Our Mission

Our vision is that all Manitobans living with a disability have equal opportunity to secure and sustain meaningful employment.

What is Supported Employment?

“Supported Employment” is a term used to describe support provided to individuals with disabilities to acquire employment in integrated settings.

The Manitoba Supported Employment Network (MSEN) agrees with the definition of “supported employment” as defined by the Canadian Government, being “real work (paid, minimum wage or standard pay for that position) in an integrated setting with ongoing support provided by an agency with expertise in finding employment for people with disabilities".

Common Values of Members

  • Inclusive workplaces
  • Provision of long term support (most supportive/ least intrusive support possible)
  • Support to achieve maximum independence
  • The development of natural supports to achieve social inclusion
  • Development of opportunities for employment
  • Provision of opportunities for employment-related skill development
  • Provision of services in a timely and professional manner